jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Un artículo interesante (para abrir los ojos) sobre la importancia de YouTube

5 reasons you should be boosting your presence on YouTube

  1. YouTube is the #1 search engine for music fans
  2. YouTube has become the #1 listening platform for younger music fans
  3. Many artists have built their careers strictly through YouTube
  4. There’s no easier way to beam your music/brand/personality into someone’s ears/eyes/home/imagination than through engaging music videos
  5. Big ad-revenue is being generated by YouTube and you can earn your share by monetizing your music on YouTube

Once you’ve used YouTube to get your music videos heard, seen, and shared in the first place, THEN you can sell your music to your new fans, collect email contacts to build your newsletter list, and get folks to come out to your shows.

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