jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Hank C Burnette: Always On My Mind

Hack C Burnette has shared a new video:
Always On My Mind

This very well known song (written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson Thompson and originally recorded by Brenda Lee in 1972) is one of my own personal favourites of all the instrus I've ever cut, at least as far as the ballad side of matters are concerned! I've always thought it's got a very beautiful melody and very nice chord change progression and it seems like it's almost impossible to make a bad version of it! My own version is extremely scaled down on purpose, so not to interfer too much with the melody. Cut in august, 1997 in the middle of the night, together with a song of a similar mood, "Crazy" (the famous Patsy Cline country ballad). And, once again, you don't need any high tech digital equipment to get pretty decent results. This track was cut on a 6-track Sansui cassette deck, using a Takamine acoustic and a Charvel electric, both run through a Jerry Donahue Sessionmaster preamp (terrific gadget!). And the Alesis SR-16 drum machine was manually triggered from a set of drum pads lined up like real live drums and played that way! Hope you like it...

Bob 'The Bear' Hite

Hoy se cumplen 64 años desde que naciera Bob "the bear" Hite, cantante de Canned Heat hasta 1981, año en que falleció de un ataque al corazón.

Yo recuerdo el disco Memphis Heat, junto a Memphis Slim. Una pasada.

Los amigos de Soy del Montón tienen un repaso a su historia y a un par de discos, que recomiendo fervientemente.

As a young man he acquired a job in a record and musical instrument store called Rancho Music on Westwood Blvd., just north of Pico. He amassed a huge collection of old Blues records, which were his inspiration for becoming a musician.

The store primarily sold sheet music and instruments, but had a small Top 40 record section. Bob wore the same thing to work everyday...a white shirt (not always the freshest), black slacks and a thin black tie (not always tied well). His hair was greasy and long for the time (early 60s). He looked remarkably like John Belushi's Blues Bros. character.

Each day he would bring a portable 45 record player with him and plug in behind the counter. He would bring a different selection of blues 45s each day and play them on his little player. The store was very quiet...every once in awhile a customer would wander in, but it was dead. High school kids who loved music would drop by and Bob would tell them "You gotta hear this!" and then play a Jimmy Reed or Lightnin Hopkins or John Lee Hooker record for them. When he quit work, he'd pack up his records and player, put on his shades and leave, frequently with his tough looking girlfriend. The kids who would drop by thought he was the coolest guy around.

Así que vamos a celebrar que Bob estuvo con nosotros con estos sonidos y estas imágenes. Enjoy!

Let's Work Together. Mágico.

On the road again. Sin palabras.


Ooh Poo Pah Doo con con Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

Hank C Burnette: My Girl Josephine

Hack C Burnette has shared a new video:
My Girl Josephine

The best version ever of "My Girl Josephine" (also known as "Hello Josephine") must surely be credited to Jerry Jaye and his brilliant HI label
version featuring session ace Reggie Young on guitar. Whatever happened to Jerry Jaye after this smasharoonie is a mystery, cause most of the stuff he cut afterwards was pretty blatant in comparison. Penned by Antoine "Fats" Domino, who's own original version is unbelievable lame (the best and most outragious rocker that Fats ever cut in his entire career is undoubtedly "I'm Ready", at least in my book!), but then I've never been a fan of the New Orleans side of 'rock', with it's pre-arranged brass arrangements and often 'sound-a-like' results. The only label that really
hit the target in that department was undoubtedly Specialty with it's huge rooster of screamin' rockers with a certain Mr. Penniman leading the way! Watch out for the intro and outro on this one, it may surprise you (in a funny kinda way, I hope, lol!). Rock on...

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Johnny Winter cumple 65 años

Johnny Winter nació el 23 de febrero de 1944 y cumple tal que hoy 65 años.

Mi primer LP fue el "Live Johnny Winter And". Esas cosas no se olvidan.

En la web de Johnny Winter hay una biografía oficial que vale la pena; tampoco os perdáis esta entrada en El Anecdotario del Rock, en la que se recoge la primera vez que Johnny toco junto a B.B.King. Para rematar, podéis pasaros por esta entrevista de El rincón del rock.

Pero la mejor forma de celebrar un cumpleaños como este es, claro, con la música del homenajeado.

La primera éste Mean Town Blues que estaba en aquel disco increíble

Para seguir con el clásico Jumping jack flash, del que se ve que dijo Keith Richards que le gusta más cómo lo toca Johnny.

Y la versión de Highway 61 que parece gustarle tanto a Dylan

Hay más....mucho más... buen día para escuchar a Johnny y celebrar esos 65 años de música alucinante.

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Hank C Burnette: Raunchy

Hack C Burnette has shared a new video:

Here we go again with yet another homage to the great SUN coy (even though this one was originally released on the SUN subsidiary label,
Phillips Int'l)...Bill Justis' big selling instru hit, "Raunchy" (also covered by Billy Vaughan's Orchestra on the Dot label). Not much to say about
it other than it was included in the batch of 62 tracks I recorded in 1997 in my living room on a 6-track Sansui MR-66 cassette deck. Enjoy...

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

Summertime blues

Eddie Cochran escribió con Jerry Capehart Summentime blues. Uno de esos temas simples, sencillos y directos que ha sido interpretado un una cantidad de gentes que casi asusta.

Eddie Cochran
I’m gonna raise a fuss, I’m gonna raise a holler
About a workin’ all summer just to try to earn a dollar
Every time I call my baby, and ask to get a date
My boss says, “No dice son, you gotta work late”
Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Well my mom and pop told me, “Son you gotta make some money”
If you want to use the car to go ridin’ next Sunday
Well I didn’t go to work, told the boss I was sick
“Well you can’t use the car ’cause you didn’t work a lick”
Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

I’m gonna take the weeks, gonna have a fine vacation
I’m gonna take my problem to the United Nations
Well I called my congressman and he said “Whoa!”
“I’d like to help you son but you’re too young to vote”
Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Ahora, pasen y vean las interpretaciones de The Who, Van Halen, T Rex, Rush, Stray Cats, Deborah Harry, Simple Minds,
R&B All Stars, Bruce Springsteen y Tom Petty.

No podemos poner la magistral versión de Robert Gordon & Link Wray; pero la podéis disfrutar aquí.

The Who

Van Halen

T Rex

T Rex (another point of view)


Stray Cats

Deborah Harry

Simple Minds

R&B All Stars

Bruce Springsteen

Tom Petty

New Hank C Burnette video: Bad Seed

Time for some blues based offering....Austin blues addict (and Howlin' Wolf sound alike!) Kent "Omar" Dykes (front figure of the Austin based blues outfit 'Omar & The Howlers') is the man behind "Bad Seed" and did a terrific original version of it on the "Wall Of Pride" Columbia album of 1988 (which also included the hard boogie masterpiece "Rattle Snake Boogie", featured as part of a movie soundtrack the same year).
Yours truly's instru version is from my hectic august 1997 living room session (cut on a 6-track Sansui MR-66 cassette recorder!), which brought to life no less than 62 tracks in a row, using only a 12-string Takamine acoustic, a Charvel HM solid body (both run through a Jerry Donahue
designed Sessionmaster preamp) and a Alesis SR-12 drum machine triggered manually by a set of digital drum pads like a regular live drum set.
What a gig! The video is made up of quite heavy edited bits & pieces from the movie "Bad Boys", one of the most car crash crazy films ever made, I think. Enjoy...

Bad Seed

lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

New Hank C Burnette video: Bop, Bop Baby

Hack C Burnette has shared a new video:
Bop, Bop Baby

The rockin' continues...this time I'm strolling down the lane of the world's most important roots music label EVER, the Yellow SUN Label out of Memphis, Tenn. The home and starting place of the most amazing rooster of roots music talent on the face of the planet!!!! Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Rufus Thomas Jr., Dr. Ross, Charlie Feathers, Warren Smith, Billy Riley, Ray Smith, Bill Justis...the list goes on and on!! Not to mention the truckload of blues greats that Sam Phillips recorded (such as Howlin' Wolf, Sleepy John Estes, B.B. King, Walter Horton, Honeyboy Edwards, Little Walter, Earl Hooker, etc) and icenced to independent labels like 4 Star, Modern, RPM, Chess, Gilt-Edge, Trumpet, Duke, Checker, J-B, etc. Not bad for a small independent one man operation that once was described as (quote): "A hole in the wall completely surrounded by Cadillacs"!!
The track I've pulled out of my tape library for this upload is yet another little toe-tapper that I recorded in (you guessed it!) the '70s, the College Kids' (Wade Moore & Dick Penner) SUN rockabilly jumper, "Bop, Bop Baby"! Straight ahead one take only (on all accounts) and a fun one to stick your teeths into! Hope you get as much pleasure out of it as I did recording it! Get with it...

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

Mortis Cruentus. New record and video.

This video shows the song "Maid of the Mist" with the drummer and the guitar solo (from the 3:20)in the Fernando Asensi studio at Massanassa (Valencia).

A short history from the band's MySpace

Mortis Cruentus se formó el 1 de noviembre de 2003, bajo el nombre de “Dark Wood”, la banda comenzó practicando un Black Metal crudo y directo. Pronto se cambió el nombre a “Mortis Cruentus” porque se adecuaba mas al estilo que se transmitía en esos primeros años.

Tras varios cambios en la formación, solo permanece en ella uno de sus miembros fundadores, Luis (bajo). Las sucesivas incorporaciones fueron aportando nuevos matices a la música de Mortis Cruentus. Primero fue Dani (batería), con el que el grupo se estrenó en su primer directo. Mas tarde llegaría Miguel (guitarra). Puesto que la formación contaba hasta ese momento con una sola guitarra, esta incorporación supuso un gran avance en la calidad y consistencia de los temas. Posteriormente entraría Juan P. (voz), un cantante con mucha experiencia que aportó un mayor carácter y dureza en las voces. Finalmente la última incorporación fue la de Toño (guitarra rítmica) debido a la marcha de el otro miembro fundador que aún permanecía en el grupo, que a su vez era principal compositor de los temas hasta ese momento.

En 2007 se editó de forma autoproducida una demo de dos canciones. Esta es la primera incursión del grupo en un estudio de grabación y se compone de los temas, Maid of the Mist y After Dusk. En verano de 2008 entra al grupo como guitarra solista el Sabater sustituyendo a Miguel. Con la actual formación, el grupo no ha parado de trabajar en la búsqueda de un sonido personal y lleno de detalles provenientes de una amplia gama de estilos. Cada miembro del grupo aporta una visión diferente del mundo que se refleja en la composición de los temas, hecho que ha desembocado en un viraje desde el Black de la vieja escuela hasta un Death Melódico en el que entran también otros elementos, incluso sin olvidarse de esos inicios.

A final de 2008 el grupo graba su primer disco “Agony as Doom” de forma autoproducida, con fecha de salida para enero de 2009.

Mortis Cruentus Formed the 1 of November of 2003, under the name of “Dark Wood”, the band began practicing a crude and direct Black Metal. Soon the name changed to “Mortis Cruentus” because it was more adapted to the style that transmitted in those first years.

After several changes in the line-up, only remains one of its founder members, Luis (Bass). The successive incorporations were contributing new shades to the music of Mortis Cruentus. First it was Dani (Drums), with that the band gave its first concert. Later, would arrive Miguel (Lead Guitars). Until that moment the formation counted with a single guitar, for that reason, this incorporation supposed a great advance in the quality and consistency of the songs. Then, would enter Juan P. (voice), a singer with much experience that contributed to a greater character and hardness in the voices. Finally the last incorporation was Toño (Guitars) due to the march of the other founder member that still remained in the group, that he was main composer of the themes until that moment.

In 2007 edited a demo of two songs in a self-produced way. This is the first experience of the group in a study and composes of the songs, Maid of the Mist and After Dusk. In summer of 2008 goes in to the group like lead guitar Alejandro Sabater substituting to Miguel. With the current line-up, the band has not stopped to work in the search of a personal sound, plenty of originating details of an ample range of styles. Each member of the band contributes with his different vision from the world that it is reflected in the composition of the songs, fact that has ended at a turn from the Black of the old school to a Melodic Death that other elements also enter, even without forgetting those beginnings.

To end of 2008 the group records his first album “Agony as Doom” in a self-produced way, with date to exit for January of 2009.

Mortis Cruentus

Black Dreams

La noticia en Bravewords
La noticia en Metal Underground

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

Nuevo vídeo de LOS ELECTRICOS disponible

De la mano de titobene, tenemos un nuevo vídeo de LOS ELECTRICOS. Esta vez es el tema "A tu sombra" en el concierto del pasado 7 de febrero en el Espai Jove de l'Eixample.


Sábado, 21 de Febrero a las 21:00h.
C/ Teide 20
Metro Vilapicina L5


martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

KANYA!!! 2009 una crónica

Ya han pasado dos días desde la sexta edición del Kanya!! A San Climent VI, festival que a estas alturas podemos decir es uno de los más importantes de metal extremo de este país. Y siendo sinceros, eso se debe sobre todo al precio, en un principio gratuito, esta vez 8€. Para los que no hayan ido con el pretexto de que era muy caro: mejor empezad a rezar para que vuelvan a tocar estas bandas a solo 1€ por grupo.

Llegamos a la entrada de la sala en el autocar gratuito que este año circulaba de Viladecans a San Climent, y entramos después de comprar la entrada y discutir, como cientos de personas esa noche, con el personal de seguridad. Pero es algo intrínseco de naturaleza, así que los respetamos e ignoramos respetuosamente.

Empezó el concierto con la banda Trobar de Morte, una banda de Folk Medieval bastante tranquila, que unos creen que no pintaban demasiado en el concierto de esa noche y otros piensan que como introducción a lo que vendría después estuvieron muy bien. Sobrantes o no, contaron con un sonido bastante bueno y lo hicieron bien. Despues de ellos vinieron los barceloneses Unbounded Sadism. Nada que ver con el grupo anterior, ya que tocan Grind-Death Metal. Quien más destaco fue su cantante, que no estuvo quieto ni un solo momento. Tocaron temas rápidos y muy seguidos, sin demasiada pausa entre ellos.

El siguiente grupo en tocar fue Death Over Threat, banda valenciana de Thrash Metal. Estos, a diferencia del resto de bandas, tuvieron problemas de sonido de todo tipo: no se escuchaba una guitarra, luego la otra, después el cantante tuvo que cambiar su guitarra cantando a la vez porque no funcionaba… Aun así el grupo parecía animado y bromeaban sobre ello. También hay que decir que mucha gente esperaba verlos tocar, sobre todo por las buenas referencias después de tocar junto a Necronomicon y Aggression en Madrid el mes pasado.
Lux Divina salieron a tocar y, para sorpresa de los componentes de Death Over Threat, no tuvieron ningún problema con el sonido, o por lo menos nadie lo notó. Black Metal bastante melódico, mezclado también con algunas voces limpias.
Despues de Lux Divina les tocó el turno a Setge, grupo de Black-Death Metal. Sin ánimo alguno de adular al organizador (Jose es el batería de Setge) hay que decir que Setge estuvieron geniales, nos gustaron a todos, incluso a los que vinieron a verlos algo desconfiados por el mal sonido que tuvieron en un concierto pasado en Metal Zone. Su cantante Aamon también sorprendió a algunos que esperaban que en el escenario fuese una persona tranquila, y realmente fue todo lo contrario.

Foscor fueron los siguientes en subir al escenario. Foscor es una banda barcelonesa de Black Metal, de las más importantes. Tocaron temas como “I torná de les cendres” o “L’ombra de l’adicció”, bastante crudos y rápidos.
Después de Foscor empezó una de las dos bandas cabezas de cartel, Avulsed. Es quizá la banda mas importante de Death Metal del país, y también es todo un icono del Metal Underground Extremo en el resto del mundo. Gracias a su participación en este año se ha podido montar un cartel como este, siendo francos. Su cantante, Dave Rotten, controla la discográfica Xtreem Music, de ahí que Necronomicon y Death Over Threat hayan participado también. Su set list estuvo basado en la gira “Gorespattered Tour” de 2007, y tocaron temas como “Stabwound Orgasm”, “Carnivoracity” o “Sick sick sex”, y acabaron con “Exorcismo Vaginal”. Esta fue su segunda actuación en el Kanya!!, y realmente fue espectacular. Hubo pogos de principio a fin, e incluso Dave Rotten saltó del escenario un par de veces.
Despues de Avulsed ya algunos no podían ni con su propia alma. Entre Avulsed y Necronomicon aprovechamos para descansar un rato, e incluso para dormir 10 minutos, que buena falta hacía. Necronomicon, banda alemana de Thrash Metal ochentero, lo hicieron muy bien aunque se encontraron que estábamos la mitad del público reventados después de 7 horas de concierto. Esperabamos verlos, al igual que con Death Over Threat, despues del concierto que dieron en Madrid junto a Aggression. Cuando los vimos nos dimos cuenta de que despues de todo la edad tampoco pasa tanta factura, que pese a contar con sus añitos hicieron un buen concierto. Tocaron dos veces seguidas un mismo tema, y aunque suene raro, la verdad es que les quedo muy bien.
Y hasta aquí lo que fue nuestra pequeña excursión hasta el Kanya!! A San Climent VI. Desde su segunda edición vamos todos los años al festival, asi que puedo decir tranquilamente que este ha sido el mejor Kanya!! de todos. Tocaron bandas geniales, hubo buen ambiente y varios stands donde vendían parches y camisetas que en tiendas normales jamás se encuentran. Asi que hay que decir que nos lo pasamos muy bien, fue una edición muy buena, nos quedan muy buenos recuerdos y esperamos que la próxima sea mejor aun. Para acabar hay que agradecer todo el trabajo que ha hecho a Jose, el organizador, que realmente ha conseguido montar un festival que no se va a olvidar.

Más fotos en el MySpace de LMS.



Same as Jukebox JRGLP-88.
JUKEBOX JRGCD-88. 1988. Sweden.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Your Driver's Licence, Please/Riders In The Sky/Blue Moon/Hank's '97/Come On Little Mama/Dirty Boogie/Pony Tail Girl/Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache/Sweet Skinny Jenny/Patsy/Too Much/Rocky Road Blues/Don't Mess With My Ducktail/Gold In The Morning Sun/Rocking Daddy/Peggy Sue.
SONET SNTCD-693. 1990. Switzerland.

Spinnin' Wheels Boogie + 29 tracks by other artists.
STAR-CLUB CD-5060101. 1995. Sweden.

My Name Is Hank/You Can't Stop This Rockin' & A-Rollin'/Rockabilly/Knock It/If You Can't Rock Me/Five Short Fingers/Rockin' The Dog/Piano Boogie/Summertime Symphony/ Rock Around The Town/Love Me/Rockabilly Rebel/Bop Man Bop/All The Time/Tom Dooley/Patsy/Rockin' My Blues Away/Hot Rock Sally/Lonesome Train/Corrine, Corrina/Let The Teardrops Fall/I'm A Fool About Your Love/Diana/The King Of Rock'n Roll/My Guitar & I/Spinning Rock Boogie.
STAR-CLUB CD-1995.3. 1995. Sweden.

(From The Vaults 64 - 94)
Cruisin' Deuces/I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry/Hop, Skip & Jump/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/Rock-Ola Ruby/Travellin' Man/Well, All Right/Today Is A Blue Day/White Bobby Socks/Shakin' All Over/Don't Leave Me Now/It's The Way You Are/Tomorrow Night/The Promised Land/Walkin' Past The Chapel/Monkey & The Baboon/Wild Little Willie/Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On/Riverside Jump/Mystery Train/If Only/Tequila Sunrise/My Hamtramck Mama/Me & Bobby McGhee.
SUNJAY CD-605. 1996. Sweden.

(4 CD-BOX)
Don't Mess With My Ducktail + 80 tracks by other artists.
SONET PRO-40. 1997. Sweden

Bop, Bop Baby + 20 tracks by other artists.
JAN/STAR-CLUB CD 197911-199911. 1999. Sweden.

A Touch Of Memphis/Boppin' The Blues/Red Hot/Miss Froggie/Bop, Bop Baby/Do What I Do/ Come On Little Mama/Lovin' Up A Storm/Ubangi Stomp/I'm Movin' On/That's All Right/ Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache/Born To Loose/Rock'n Roll Ruby/I Like Your Kind Of Love/ I've Got Love If You Want It/Slow Down/Blue Moon Of Kentucky/Rock With Me Baby/ Matchbox Jive/Rockhouse/Mystery Train/Sweet Country Girl/Ain't Got A Thing/Trouble Bound/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/I Done Told You/That's How I Got To Memphis.
STAR-CLUB CD 2001-6. 2001. Sweden.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Your Driver's License, Please/Riders In The Sky/Blue Moon/Hank's ´97/ Come On Little Mama/Don't Mess With My Ducktail/Fools Like Me/Gold In The Morning Sun/ Rockin' Daddy/Peggy Sue/Rock-Ola Jive/I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/Hank's Wildwood Flower/ Wild Little Willie/Eternally/It's The Way You Are/Driftin' Heart/Rock Your Daddy/Melvin's Boogie Woogie.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Riders In The Sky + 18 tracks by other artists.
HARD ROCK RECORDS HRCD-3297. 2001. Sweden

Dirty Boogie/Pony Tail Girl/Guitar Nellie/Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache/Sweet Skinny Jenny/ Patsy/Good, Good Lovin'/Connie Lou/Too Much/Rakin & A-Scrapin'/Over The Rainbow/ Sneaky Pete/Rocky Road Blues/Miss Froggie/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Stingy/The End Of Time/ I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/Hip Shakin' Mama/Run, Don't Walk.

Driftin' Heart + tracks by other artists.
HARD ROCK RECORDS HRCD-????. 2002. Sweden.

Hank's Wildwood Flower + tracks by other artists.
HARD ROCK RECORDS HRCD-????. 2002. Sweden.

Well, All Right/I'm A King Bee, Baby/B.D.'s Back In Town/Bonnie Lee/That's Alright/Sugaree, Sugaree/ Clawdy/Beach Slide/Hot Rock Sally/J.T. Starry Eyed/Boppin' The Blues/Maybe Baby/The King Of Rock'n Roll/ I Ain't Fakin'/Five Short Fingers/If You Can't Rock Me/F.B.I./Six Days On The Road/My Name Is Hank/ Lunitic Boogie.

Baby, Please Don't Go/Always On My Mind/Rhythm Of The Rain/From A Jack To A King/Crazy/ His Latest Flame/Baby, Let's Play House/Tequila Sunset/Bad Seed/Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain/ Green Onions/Marie, Marie/This Time/Lucille/Suspicion/Twilight Time/Who'll Stop The Rain/ Rebel Rouser/Point Of No Return/Hot Wheels Boogie.

"100% KOPPARBÄRS ROCK - Vol. 1"
Hank's Wildwood Flower + tracks by other artists.
MARIANN MLPCD-3383. 2003. Sweden.

"100% SVENSK ROCK - Vol. 1"
Driftin' Heart + tracks by other artists.
MARIANN MLPCD-3398. 2003. Sweden.

(Double CD)
Don't Mess With My Ducktail/Spinnin' Rock Boogie + 38 tracks by other artists.
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Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Riders In The Sky + tracks by other artists.
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Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Riders In The Sky + tracks by other artists.
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(Double CD)
Your Driver's License, Please + 49 tracks by other artists.
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Your Driver's License, Please + tracks by other artists.
MARIANN ??????????. 2005. Sweden.

From A Jack To A King + tracks by other artists.
BONNIER MUSIC ??????????. 2005. Sweden.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie/I've Got Love If You Want It/Desperado/Is It Wrong?/Six Days On The Road/ Words Of Love/Always On My Mind/Rockin' The Dog/Look Out Heart/Baby, Please Don't Go/ Oakie Boogie/Apache/Rock-Ola Ruby/Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain/Riverside Jump/Clawdy/ Bop 'Til I Drop/I Fought The Law/Mystery Train/Melvin's Boogie Woogie.
DARROW/BONNIER MUSIC 334 41593. 2006. Sweden.

(4 CD-box)
Fury + 99 tracks by other artists.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Don't Mess With My Ducktail + 18 tracks by other artists.
CHERRY RED RECORDS CR PIE 004. 2008. England.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Green Onions/Riders In The Sky/From A Jack To A King/Twilight Time/Peggy Sue/Blue Moon/Patsy/Rhythm Of The Rain/Good, Good Lovin'/Bonnie Lee/Clawdy/Boppin' The Blues/Maybe Baby/Over The Rainbow/Too Much.
DARROW/BONNIER MUSIC 334 42353. 2008. Sweden.

Hank C. Burnette - "Hot Wheels Boogie"

The Hank C Burnette complete & official discography:


Comenzamos esta segunda parte de la discografía oficial de Hank C Burnette (LP's)con un homenaje a la gente del blues. Before the list of the official list of the Hank C Burnette LP records...
Hank C. Burnette - "The Heebie Jeebie Blues". A tribute to all the terrific blues men & women of yesterday, that laid down the foundation to all rock and popular music in general as we know it today! May they all rest in piece & always live in our hearts!
Hank C. Burnette - "The Heebie Jeebie Blues"

Apache/Exodus/Caravan/What Am I Living For/12th Street Rag/Raunchy/Your Cheating Heart/Jambalaya/What'd I Say/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Wildwood Flower/Freight Train.

Hambone Shuffle/Shufflin' Guitar/Hank's Guitar Boogie Special/Boogie Break/Boss Guitar, part 1/Boss Guitar, part 2/Just Like That/Relax/Traffic Ahead/Just For Fun/Summer Winds/Drifting Heart.

Guitar Nellie/My Babe/Get With It/Sag, Drag & Fall/I'm A Stranger In Your Town/
Here Comes That Train/Kiss Me, Baby/Let Me Play With Your Poodle/Rockin' Pneumonia &The Boogie Woogie Flu/Red Hot/Rakin' & Scrapin'/Matchbox Jive.
FANFARE. Acetate demo. 1972. England.

Guitar Nellie/Busted/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-0-Dee/Blue Moon Of Kentucky/I Love You/
Don't Be Cruel/Act Naturally/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/No. 1 Sue/Walk On Out Of My Mind/
The Heebie Jeebie Blues/Polecat Hollow/Walkin' Past Midnight/Tom Dooley.
DIWA LP-1. 1973. Holland.

Bottle To The Baby/You're A Heartbreaker/The Sun Is Shining/Red Hot/Too Much/Rockin' Rollin' Stone/Hillbilly Wolf/Blues Stay Away From Me/Ubangi Stomp/Hot Rock/Oakie Boogie/Rock'n Roll Grandpa/I Wanna Play House With You/I'm Not Worth The Tears.
UNITED ROCK 501. 1973. Holland.

Pink & Black/Syner/Baby, You've Been To School/The Sun Is Shining/Pot Of Gold/Rock & Roll Ruby/Oakie Boogie/Havin' Me A Whole Lot Of Fun/Bertha Lou/Ooby Dooby/You'll Never Be A Stranger To Me/Rakin' & Scrapin'/Polecat Hollow/Till Min Syster/Rock & Roll Boogie/Charmaine.
DEROY. Acetate demo. 1973. England.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Pink & Black/Driftin'/Everybody's Movin'/I'll Be Around/Here Comes That Train/Fury/Is It Wrong?/I've Got The Blues/Ain't Got A Thing/Hands Off/Rock Me/Rakin' & Scrapin'/Hank's Guitar Boogie Special.
SOUTHERN SOUND SSRLP-400. 1974. England.

Telephone Baby/I Love You/Do What I Do/Look Out Heart/Got The Best Of Me/Darn Dem Bones/Rocking Daddy/The Way A Star Is Born/How About Me, Pretty Baby?/Rock Your Daddy/Crazy Baby/Grandpa's A Cat/Cindy Lou/I'm A Fool About Your Love/Dark & Stormy/16 Chicks.
DEROY. Acetate demo. 1974. England.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Your Driver's Licence, Please/Riders In The Sky/Blue Moon/Hank's '97/Come On Little Mama/ Don't Mess With My Ducktail/Fools Like Me/Gold In The Morning Sun/Rocking Daddy/Peggy Sue/Rock-Ola Jive.
SONET SNTF-693. 1976. England, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Spinning Rock Boogie + 15 tracks by other artists.
SUPER BEEB BELP-009. 1976. England.

Spinning Rock Boogie + 19 tracks by other artists.
K-TEL NE-993. 1977. England and the rest of Europe.

Same as Sonet SNTF-693.
ISLAND ILPS-9303. 1977. England.

(double album) Peggy Sue + 24 tracks by other artists.
VOGUE 304-LDA. 4506. 1977. France.

Dirty Boogie/Pony Tail Girl/Guitar Nellie/Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache/Sweet Skinny Jenny/Patsy/Good, Good Lovin'/Connie Lou/Too Much/Rakin' & Scrapin'/Over The Rainbow/Sneaky Pete/Rocky Road Blues/Miss Froggie.
SONET SNTF-750. 1977. England, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Same as Sonet SNTF-750.
DISCOPHON Estereo 4361. 1978. Spain.

Too Much + 19 tracks by other artists.
SONET SNTF-780. 1978. England.

Same as Sonet SNTF-693.
SONET RISLP-U038. 1979. Portugal.

Same as Sonet SNTF-693.
SUN 1016. 1979. U.S.A.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie + tracks by other artists.
WARWICK WW-5060. 1979. England

(The 10,000 first copies pressed in gold vinyl)
Well, All Right/I'm A King Bee, Baby/B. D.'s Back In Town/Bonnie Lee/That's All Right/ Sugaree, Sugaree/Clawdy/ Beach Slide/Hot Rock Sally/J. T. Starry-Eyed/Boppin' The Blues/ Maybe Baby/The King Of Rock'n Roll/I Ain't Fakin'.
SONET SNTF-792. 1979. England, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Don't Mess With My Ducktail + 18 tracks by other artists.
SONET SNTF-829. 1980. England.

Melvin's Boogie Woogie/Slow Down/I Love You/Hank's Wildwood Flower/You're A Heartbreaker/Ain't Got A Thing/Let Me Play With Your Poodle/Oakie Boogie/Tom Dooley/Get With It/Polecat Hollow/Rock With Me, Baby/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/Guitar Nellie/She Sure Can Rock Me/Red Hot/Bet Your Bottom Dollar/Pink & Black/Tag Along/Hands Off.
ROCK & COUNTRY R&C-1003. 1980. Sweden.

Havin' Me A Whole Lot Of Fun/Look Out Heart/Rockin' Rollin' Stone/Latch On/No. 1 Sue/Rock & Roll Boogie/Telephone Baby/Red Hot/Wild Little Willie/Sugaree, Sugaree/Country Cattin'/Draggin'/How About Me, Pretty Baby?/Go! Gol Go'./The Heebie Jeebie Blues/Did We Have A Party.
JAN 33-8006. 1980. Sweden.

Grandpa's A Cat/16 Chicks + 18 tracks by other artists.
JAN 33-1015. 1980. Sweden.

Same as Southern Sound SSRLP-400.
JAN 33-8013. 1981. Sweden.
Same as Diwa LP-1.
JAN 33-8014. 1981. Sweden.

20 different tracks & artists especially compiled by Hank C. Burnette.
SONET SNTF-3066. 1981. England.

Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache + 19 tracks by other artists.
SONET SNTF-867. 1982. England.

Same as United Rock 501 .
ROCK & COUNTRY R&C-1013. 1982. Sweden.

?????????? SONET SNTF-893. 1982. England.

Too Much + 15 tracks by other artists.
MODE VG-201 509165. 1983. France.

(under the name of Melvin L. Rockbottom)
Lunitic Boogie/T-Bone Shuffle/Flyin' Saucers - Part 1/Red Hot Trot/Flyin' Saucers - Part 2/White Lightning/Hands Off/Chantilly Lace/Hen House Boogie/F.B.I./C.T. Special/Walk, Don't Run/Rockin' Rollin' Stone/Melvin's Boogie Woogie.
CRAZY 33-CR 13. 1985. Sweden.

Hip Shakin' Mama/Little Bitty Girl/Rockabilly/Too Much/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/From A Jack To A King/Is It Wrong?/Bop 'Til I Drop/Mean Woman/Hop, Skip & Jump/The End Of Time/Look Out Heart/It's All Your Fault.
WILDCAT WRC-LP 5008. 1987. Sweden.

Holy One/Little Miss Heartache/Bottle To The Baby/Come Back, Baby/Bluesin'/Bonnie Lee/ White Bobby Socks/Maybe Baby/Oakie Boogie/I Love You/Bear Cat/It's The Way You Are/ Long Blonde Hair/Guitar Nellie/Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On/Travellin' Man/ Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Singin' The Blues/Rocky Road Blues/Five Short Fingers. JUKEBOX JRGLP-88. 1988. Sweden.

I've Got Love If You Want It/Bop, Bop Baby/Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby (vocal: Chris Cole)/Oakie Boogie (vocal: Chris Cole)/Scatcat Jive (under the name The Hot Rocks)/ + 15 tracks by other artists.
WILDCAT WRC-LP 5003. 1989. Sweden.

Rock-Ola Ruby/Crazy Baby/Froggy/16 Chicks/It's The Way You Are/Riverside Jump/Blueberry Hill/Rock Your Daddy/Rock Town Rock/Is It Wrong?/Hey Mr. Presley/Cindy Lou/Stingy/Latch On/Bop Hop Jamboree/Slippin' & Slidin'.
STAR-CLUB HANK 1973-74. 1989. Sweden.

Silent Night + 16 tracks by other artists.
JAN 33-8038. 1989. Sweden.

Look Out Heart/Is It Wrong?/16 Chicks/Hands Off/Crazy Baby/Wild Little Willie/Rock-Ola Ruby/Havin' Me A Whole Lot Of Fun/Stingy/Cindy Lou/White Lightning/Look Out Heart/ No. 1 Sue/Riverside Jump/How About Me, Pretty Baby?/ Rock With Me, Baby.CARAMBA 330101. 1991. Spain.

Did We Have A Party/Three Alley Cats/Patsy/C.T. Special/Oakie Boogie/I'm A King Bee, Baby/Red Hot/Come Back, Baby/Spinnin' Wheels Boogie/The End Of Time/Five Short Fingers/Riverside Jump.
CASTLE LP 12-05. 1997. Germany.

The Hank C Burnette complete & official discography:


Cuando contactamos con Hank C Burnette nos sorprendió la noticia de que su discografía existente en la red no es exacta.

Hank nos indicó que había intentado corregirla sin éxito. Estas cosas suceden, ya lo sabemos, por desgracia.

Nada mejor para evitarlo y corregirlo que publicar la discografía oficial de Hank C Burnette tal cual el mismo Hank C Burnette nos la ha facilitado.

La publicamos en tres partes (enlazadas entre ellas):
  • Esta primera, con los Mini-LP, EP, Singles y Cassettes
  • Una segunda con los LP
  • Una tercera con los Compactos
Esperamos que esta fuente sea útil para los fans de Hank y sirva para que en la red se pueda encontrar la información exacta.

Primero, un pequeño tema de Hank para abrir boca.
The first time we talked with Hank C Burnette we were surprised to know his discography we've found on the Internet eas not correct.

Hank told us he has tried to correct this information, but without success. Unfortunately, this happens on the net, we know it.

To avoid this lack of information, nothing better than publish the official discography of Hank C Burnette as Hank C Burnette himself send it to us.

We will publish that discography in three parts (linked):
  • This one, with the Mini-LP, EP, Singles y Cassettes list
  • A second one with the LP list
  • A third one with the CD list
We hope this source of information will be usefull for the Hank's fans and helps to improve the quality of the information on the net.

But, first, a short Hank's song to start.

Hank C. Burnette - "From A Jack To A King"


The Saints Rock'n Roll/A Mess Of Blues/Guitar Boogie/I'm Feelin' Sorry/ Reelin' & Rockin'/Sweet Little Sixteen.
As lead guitarist in the Swedish rock'n roll group, The Little Johnny Combo (later re-named Little Johnny & His Red Dynamites).
EWE'S LJUDKOPIA. Acetate demo. 1960. Sweden.


Hank's Guitar Boogie Special/Hambone Shuffle.

Nobody's Darling But Mine/I'll Never Let You Go

Lonesome Cowboy/Shotgun Boogie

My Guitar & I/Heart Attack

Hank's Wildwood Flower/String, Eraser & Blotter.
NRP (Nashville Record Productions). Acetate demo. 1969. U.S.A.

Hank's Wildwood Flower/Together Again.
SEAGULL SG-101. 1969. U.S.A.

Hank's Wildwood Flower/Together Again.
KOUNTRY "44" KK-1000. 1970. U.S.A.

Spinnin' Rock Boogie/Bet Your Bottom Dollar.
SEAGULL SG-1016. 1972. U.S.A.

Rock With Me, Baby/Sugaree, Sugaree.
WILDCAT No. 1. 1972. Sweden.

Tryin' To Get To You/Let Me Play With Your Poodle.
MAC M-100. 1973. Belgium.

Tag Along/Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu.
MAC M-101. 1973. Belgium.

Slow Down/Here Comes That Train.
SOUTHERN SOUND SSR-500. 1973. England.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Don't Mess With My Ducktail.
SONET SON-2094. 1976. England, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Your Driver's Licence, Please.
SONET SON-2094. 1976. Holland.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Don't Mess With My Ducktail.
COLUMBIA 2C 006 - 98.445 M. 1976. France.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Your Driver's Licence, Please.
METRONOME 39.012. 1976. Germany.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Your Driver's Licence, Please.
SONET SON-2701. 1976. Italy.

Spinning Rock Boogie/Your Driver's Licence, Please.
WIZARD ZS-163. 1977. Australia.

Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby/Oakie Boogie (vocal: Chris Cole)
JUKEBOX JRGS-45-001. 1989. Sweden.

I've Got Love If You Want It + 2 tracks by other artists.
DYNAMITE No. 13. 1997. Germany.


All Mama's Children/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/I Want To Be Free/Young & Beautiful.

Rock With Me, Baby/Come Back, Baby/Rock & Roll Boogie/Get With It.
DREAMLAND KO/NOHT 101. 1973. France.

She Sure Can Rock Me/Bertha Lou/Kiss Me, Baby/You're Something Else For Me.
SOFRESON. Acetate demo. 1973. France.

She Sure Can Rock Me/Grandpa's A Cat/Baboon Boogie/Rakin' & Scrapin'.
ROCK R-EP 101. 1973. France.

Hank's Guitar Boogie Special/Pink & Black/Here Comes That Train/Fury.
BIG BEAR BB4. 1977. England.


Spinning Rock Boogie + 19 tracks by other artists.
PRECISION ZCPT-2006. 1976. England.

20 different tracks & artists especially compiled by Hank C. Burnette.
SONET SKA-3066. 1981. England.

From A Jack To A King + 13 tracks by other artists.
COCA COLA CC-891. 1989. Sweden.

Apart from the above cassette compilations, most of the LP's listed were also released on cassettes.

The Hank C Burnette complete & official discography:

sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009

KANYA!!! 2009 (a pocas horas)

En unas horas comienza la sexta edición del KANYA!!! en Sant Climent.

En los últimos días hemos ido publicando enrevistas con los grupos que vamos a ver esta tarde/noche. Algunas de ellas han tenido eco en otras webs, lo que nos alegra y enorgullece, claro.

Podéis repasarlas a través del entace de la etiqueta KANYA en la barra izquierda o al pié de esta entrada.

Algunas reacciones han sido:
Metal Underground sobre el cartel del festival
Bravewords sobre el cartel del festival enlazando al myspace de KANYA!!!
Blabbermouth sobre el cartel del festival enlazando al myspace de KANYA!!!
FOSCOR EN BRAVEWORDS. Enlazan la entrevista, el myspace de FOSCOR y publican las fechas de la gira francesa y un video. Genial!
SETGE EN METAL UNDERGROUND anunciando los dos temas publicados y enlazando al myspace de SETGE
LUX DIVINA EN METAL UNDERGROUND anunciando la grabación que empieza la semana proxima y enlazando la entrvista.
Bravewords se hace eco de la entrevista a AVULSED, enlazandonos y enlazando la web de la banda.
Bravewords anuncia la entrevista que publicamos con NECRONOMICON.

Aparte, también Blabbermouth se ha hecho eco de la noticia de la portada de AGGRESSION.

Y Rafabasa

Ha sido divertido. Un curro, la verdad, sobre todo las traducciones; pero divertido. Y hemos ido aprendiendo a cómo comunicar para que el Gran Ojo de Sauron se pose ni que sea unos instantes en nosotros, en el festival y en las bandas.

Para ser nuestro primer mes, no ha estado nada mal. Espero que podamos seguir adelante, con más noticias, mas entrevistas, mas música y mas visitas de todo el mundo.

Gracias por habernos visitado.

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Waterloo ABBA y Mamma mia

El video

Waterloo ABBA

Waterloo Mamma mia

La letra

My, my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender
Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way
The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war
Waterloo - Promise to love you for ever more
Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo

My, my, I tried to hold you back but you were stronger
Oh yeah, and now it seems my only hope is giving up the fight
And how could I ever refuse
I feel like I win when I lose

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war
Waterloo - Promise to love you for ever more
Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo

So how could I ever refuse
I feel like I win when I lose -

Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo
Mi, mi, en Waterloo Napoleón se rindió
Oh sí, y yo he enfrentado mi destino de una manera similar
El libro de historia en el estante
Siempre está repitiéndose

Waterloo - Yo fui derrotada, tu ganaste la guerra
Waterloo - Prometo amarte para siempre
Waterloo - No podría escaparme si quisiera
Waterloo - Conocer mi destino es estar contigo
Waterloo - Finalmente enfrentando mi Waterloo

Mi, mi, intenté volverte a tener pero tu eras mas fuerte
Oh si, y ahora parece que mi única esperanza es abandonar la pelea
Y cómo podría negarme
Siento como que gané cuando perdí

Waterloo - Yo fui derrotada, tu ganaste la guerra
Waterloo - Prometo amarte para siempre
Waterloo - No podría escaparme si quisiera
Waterloo - Conocer mi destino es estar contigo
Waterloo - Finalmente enfrentando mi Waterloo

Pues cómo podría negarme
Siento como que gané cuando perdí

Waterloo - No podría escaparme si quisiera
Waterloo - Conocer mi destino es estar contigo
Waterloo - Finalmente enfrentando mi Waterloo

Las letras estan cogidas de aquí

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

"NECRONOMICON" interview. The road to KANYA!!! 2009

We close these interviews with the bands to attend the KANYA!!! 2009 fest with NECRONOMICON, 25 years of music.

Is your first time in KANYA?

Hi Jesus, this is Freddy and at first. Thanxx for your interest in germany`s thrash cult Necronomicon.

Yes it`s our first time to play there and we `ll be absolutely anxious to know what`s going on there. We are so hot to play there.

¿Did you play before in Spain? ¿And Barcelona?

Yes, in Madrid since two weeks ago for our Release. It was amazing, but in Barcelona unfortunately not.

¿How do you remember the public here?

A totally enthusiasm crowd of metal maniacs. Rarely I saw guys moshing around like this. Fantastic

¿What's the current lineup of the band?

Me on vocals and guitar, Axel on drums, Andi G. on guitar and Andi N. on bass

¿How much time did you work with the current lineup?

Not so long ago, cause our official bass player (Alex) is in Brasil since our Russian Tour in autumm. So Andi N. is playing the european gigs for the next 3 month till Alex is comming back.

Then Andi N. is working with us for an unplugged album and is taking my part on guitar for the live gigs. So for me it`s easier to concentrate on my voice parts.

¿What have been your recent activities? ¿Concerts? ¿Records?

Now our new produktion „Revenge of the beast“ is out since December the 15th ,.Worldwide.
And so we`re gonna to release the stuff alive all over the world. Especially in Europe.

¿Are you going to present some new songs at KANYA!!!?

Yes, in Kanya we have a package of some old stuff from our first album, some songs of the „Construction of evil“ album and some new songs from „Revenge of the beast

¿How do you define your sound?

At first: Authentic. This stuff is not a klone work of some major bands like metallica or slayer, this stuff is really NECRONOMICON. Powerful, rectilinear, a fist in your face, with some fine melodic parts. It`s our own handwriting.

¿What are you influences? ¿What do you like to ear?

Influences. A good question. We like the 80`s. Absolutely. Punk, Thrash, Rock. I don`t want to copy someone, I told you this, but if you listen this stuff day by day, it`s a normal process to sound in any parts, in any way like the good old one heroes. :-))

¿What's the preferred leit motiv of your lyrics?

In this respect we are influenced by our own history. The Punk period. Political occurrences, war crimes, and the high-explosive events in our rotten and sickness world

¿What are your project for the current year?

To stay alive all over the world and don`t to loose our aim. Possessed by thrash

¿How do you see the metal scene in Spain? ¿In Europe?

Well, I told you we played in Madrid. And I told you this was amazing. And I hope this is vicarios for the whole Spanish Metal scene. No I`m sure!!!!!! We love Spain, really. The people there havn`t had a big head. Really sympathic. And the girls are wonderful and so beauty, really :-))

Germany is o.k., bit a little too cool, but very important for the whole metal scene all over the world. And the rest? The Eastern of Europe is fantastic, too and the rest we`ll see the next times, what`s going on on the thrash metal scene.

¿Some advice for the people who starts building their bans?

Patience, patience and patience again. And to find your own style of music.

Do you like to say something more to our readers?

Thank you so much for your support. We hope we can realise your expectation in us, especially in Spain, our new home. And: be save, be happy and don`t let anybody afraid you of everything.

We plan to put some video in the post we are preparing about you ¿Do you have some advice?

Yes, the „terrorist attack“ video of the „Construcvtion of evil“ album . You can download it from our myspace site or our homepage. www.necronomicon.eu

Thanks for your time. See you at KANYA!!!

Thank you so much Jesus. See you in Kanya

Terrorist attack
Terrorist Attack

Necronomicon's MySpace
Necronomicon's web
Entrevista en The Metal Circus (2003)
Metal Underground
Encyclopaedia Metallum

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

"AVULSED" interview. The road to KANYA!!! 2009

Avulsed es una banda veterana del panorama extremo Español y desde su concepción en Agosto de 1991, la banda ha tocado Death Metal.

¿Es vuestra primera participación en KANYA!!! ?

No, ya tocamos en el 2005. El recuerdo que tenemos es que cuando llegamos a la sala, las demás bandas nos habían buitreado todas las bebidas. Sin miramiento alguno. Sólo nos dieron 5 bocatas y agua para todo el concierto. (Menos mal que íbamos de cabezas!!) Y también recordamos que aquello de petó con unas 500 personas y un ambiente buenísimo!!

¿Cuál es la formación actual del grupo?

Dave Rotten - Voz (desde 1991). Cabra - Guitarra (desde 1992). Juancar - Guitarra (desde 1994). Tana - Bajo (desde 1998). Ricky - Batería (desde 2004)
¿It’s your first time at KANYA!!! ?

No, we were in 2005. The memory we have if that when we went to the place, the other bands have finished all the drinks. With a total lack of consideration. We only get 5 sandwiches and water for the complete show. (Fortunately we were headlining the lineup!!). We also remember the fest exploded with 500 people and a very good atmosphere!!

¿What’s your current lineup?

Dave Rotten - Vice (since 1991). Cabra - Guitar (since 1992). Juancar - Guitar (since 1994). Tana - Bass (since 1998). Ricky - Drums (since 2004)

¿Que habéis hecho últimamente?

Estamos actualmente grabando nuestro 5º álbum "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)"

¿Vais a presentar temas nuevos en KANYA!!!?

Si, dos o tres.

¿Cómo definís vuestro sonido?

Death Metal
¿What have you done lately?

We are right now recording our 5th album "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)"

¿There will be new songs at KANYA!!!?

Yes, two or three.

¿Can you define your sound?

Death Metal

¿Cuáles son vuestras influencias? ¿Qué os gusta escuchar?

Las bandas de Death Metal de finales de los '80 y principios de los '90. Escuchamos de todo un poco, no somos unos cerrados de mente que tenemos que aparentar nada delante de nadie, aunque principalmente escuchamos Metal.

¿Cuál es el tema preferido de vuestras letras?

Gore, sangre, canibalismo, perversiones sexuales, necrofilia, mutilaciones varias...
¿What are your main influences? ¿What do you like to listen?

The Death Metal bands from the end of the '80 and beginning of the '90. We listen a bit of everytuhing, we are not mind closed that need to show off nothing in front of nobody, but mainly we listen Metal.

¿What’s the main theme of your lyrics?

Gore, blood, cannibalism, sexual perversions, necrophilia, mutilations...

¿Qué proyectos tenéis para este año?

Editar "Nullo" sobre Mayo y en Junio hacer nuestra 4ª gira Europea además de muchos conciertos por toda España y resto de Europa (festivales principalmente)

¿Cómo veis el panorama musical en Barcelona y especialmente el metal?

Barcelona es la ciudad donde más asistencia suele haber a los conciertos, creo que es la ciudad más Metalera de España, sin duda.

¿Qué le aconsejaríais a los que están empezando a montar sus bandas?

Que tengan paciencia, que no sean ansiosos, que vayan paso a paso, que no traten de grabar un álbum de buenas a primeras, sino que graben alguna demo o dos y sobre todo que se promocionen y toquen todo lo que puedan, no sólo en su ciudad. Que hagan la música que realmente les guste y que toquen porque les guste.
¿What are your main projects for this year?

To launch "Nullo" around Mai and in June to do our 4th European tour, as well as lots of gigs around Spain and the rest of Europe (mainly fests.)

What do you think about the music scene in Barcelona and specially the metal one?

Barcelona is the city where more people attend the shows, I think is the most metal city of Spain, no doubt.

¿What’s your advice for the ones starting to build their bands?

Be patient, dont be anxious, go step by step, don’t try to record an álbum all at once, but to record some demo or two and, more than all, promote themselves and play as much as they can and not only in their city. Make the music you really like and play because you like it

Algo más que te gustaría decir a nuestros lectores?

Que apoye a las bandas españolas y que traten de asistir a los conciertos!!

Para la entrada que estamos preparando queremos poner algún video vuestro u otro material que esté disponible ¿Hay algo que os guste especialmente y nos recomendéis?

Si, un video-reportaje de una TV rusa de nuestra primera visita a Rusia - o de la segunda

Muchas gracias! Nos ve mos en KANYA!!!
¿Do you want to tell something more to our readers?

Support the Spanish bands and try to attend the concerts!!

Do you have any suggestion to show in the post any of your songs to the readers?

Yes, a video from a Russian TV from our first visit to Russia or from the second one

Thank you! See you at KANYA!!!

Live in Moscow 08.04.2006 (+interview)

Reanimating Russia ' 2007 Live in Moscow

AVULSED web site


Entrevista Mondosonoro 23/04/2003
Entrevista Metalzone Leganés Madrid 25/05/2003
Entrevista Valladolid web musical
Entrevista The Metal Circus 2008

Encyclopaedia Metallum