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Por esas cosas de la vida, un conocido en Facebook ha compartido un video "A moment forever" de una banda que no conocía "VOLBEAT". Impresionantes.

He visitado su MySpace y su web, he escuchado los temas, visto los vídeos y me he informado un poco.

VOLBEAT es una banda danesa que practica un metal con raíces del viejo rock e incluso country (como se ve en el vídeo que encabeza esta entrada) y toques pop. En su mySpace se lee: "Metallic pop ROCKNROLL with a touch of the 60's melodic tunes" y eso es lo que es.

VOLBEAT lleva funcionando desde 2001 y tiene tres álbumes en el mercado. Os dejo algunos de los vídeos que más me han gustado de su sitio y un par de directos del youtube de dos temas impresionantes.

A friend has shared in Facebook the "A moment forever" video from a band I didn't knew until today: "VOLBEAT". Amazing!

I've visited their MySpace and their web, I've listened the songs, seen the vídeos and get a bit informed.

VOLBEAT is a danish band that plays a heavy metal with roots in the old rock and even country (as you can appreciate in the video at the top) and some pop smell. At their MySpace we can read: "Metallic pop ROCKNROLL with a touch of the 60's melodic tunes". That's it!

VOLBEAT are working since 2001 and they have three almuns released. Here you can find some of the videos I've enjoyed and a couple of youtube live songs.


VOLBEAT line-up:
Michael Poulsen - guitars & vocals
Anders Kjølholm – bass
Jon Larsen – drums
Thomas Bredahl - guitars

Maybellene I hofteholder

”To a certain degree I’m a perfectionist. The towels don’t have to hang dead straight but when it comes to writing music I always try to keep a really high standard and to top myself,” Michael Poulsen elaborates: ”Some people feel good about being well prepared for exams - that never meant anything to me though. I was too busy getting tattooed. However, when it comes to recording new material we always show up very well prepared. Jacob Hansen is a good song writer too, so besides from wanting to impress yourself you always want to have your act together when you record with him.”
(From the official bio)

Caroline Leaving

”Many of our dreams have come true but we never feel that we reach the top of the mountain,” explains lead-singer and guitarist in VOLBEAT Michael Poulsen, and continues: ”There’s still plenty to aspire to, and lots of challenges to take up. Now we’re on the verge of entering USA, and who knows what will happen? We’re still hungry, and we love what we do, so there’s absolutely no reason to stop now. As a matter of fact I think we’re even hungrier now than ever.”
(From the official bio)

Light A Way

Down by the lake of Mississippi
A boy was born poor and abandoned
And as he walk you could hear him yearning
For a home and he prays

And by the fields he sang for rising
All for his faith and memorizing
All of the songs his mother learned
from the lord himself

Heaven light a way for a fallen
Let me ease the pain from my mother
But he feels the deception in his head

Another day was born and rising
and on the stool the boy was trying
To earn a coin for his mother, and hoping
That freedom will lead her away

Mr. Cadillac Blood: Dear little friend
I've heard your story
Please take my hand and I'll promise
We'll find a way and we'll be fighting
For your mother, and her wings

Heaven light a way for a fallen
Let me ease the pain from my mother
But he feels the deception in his head

Heaven light a way for another
Let me ease the pain for a fallen
We are on our way so much stronger
Heaven light the way for another
And he feels no deception in his head

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