domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

75 años de guitarras eléctricas!

Este año se cumplirán 75 años de vida de la guitarra eléctrica.

Será el 13 de julio.

Gibson’s electric guitar wasn’t the first to market, but its pickup design was superior to competing models — especially after guitar-makers begin dropping them into their new, innovative designs more than a decade later.

Guitarists have a reputation for coaxing as much volume as possible out of their instruments — whether it’s advisable or not. But guitarists playing in dance bands, larger combos and jazz orchestras in the early 1930s certainly needed the volume boost. They were often playing in situations where they were straining to be heard over the drums, brass and audience chatter.

¿Cuántos concursos habrá para saber cuál es el mejor guitarrista?

Estad atentos. Brutal Assault no quiere dejar pasar la fecha.

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