lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

Social Media & Email Management for Musicians ¿sorprendente? pasen y lean

Os recomendamos este artículo que publican en Do It Yorself Musician de CdBaby.

Engaging with fans is fun and rewarding. It can also be an addictive time suck.

If you check your email, Facebook, and Twitter first thing in the morning, you’re doing it wrong!

Better to start your day creating something worth tweeting about. As a self-confessed productivity junkie, I’ve tried dozens of approaches. This one stuck.

What follows is a step-by-step guide to social media and email management, in the form of a daily routine. It assumes you are on Facebook and Twitter, but can easily be expanded to other networks. All tools mentioned are free unless stated otherwise.

First we need to figure out when to post your content. Because the half-life of a tweet is so short, Twitter requires the most frequent updates. SocialBro determines your best time to tweet by analyzing when your followers are online and when you get the most retweets, with several glorious charts downloadable as a PDF.

The results of this analysis can be exported directly into Buffer, the next weapon in my arsenal. Buffer fires off your tweets on a predetermined schedule, with detailed analytics on each tweet’s performance, including clicks if you connect a account. Mine are set for 6:40 AM, 8:40 AM, 10:40 AM, and 12:40 PM PST.

Now we’re ready to begin our daily routine, starting at the end of the work day.

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