martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

Hank C Burnette: My Girl Josephine

Hack C Burnette has shared a new video:
My Girl Josephine

The best version ever of "My Girl Josephine" (also known as "Hello Josephine") must surely be credited to Jerry Jaye and his brilliant HI label
version featuring session ace Reggie Young on guitar. Whatever happened to Jerry Jaye after this smasharoonie is a mystery, cause most of the stuff he cut afterwards was pretty blatant in comparison. Penned by Antoine "Fats" Domino, who's own original version is unbelievable lame (the best and most outragious rocker that Fats ever cut in his entire career is undoubtedly "I'm Ready", at least in my book!), but then I've never been a fan of the New Orleans side of 'rock', with it's pre-arranged brass arrangements and often 'sound-a-like' results. The only label that really
hit the target in that department was undoubtedly Specialty with it's huge rooster of screamin' rockers with a certain Mr. Penniman leading the way! Watch out for the intro and outro on this one, it may surprise you (in a funny kinda way, I hope, lol!). Rock on...

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