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"NECRONOMICON" interview. The road to KANYA!!! 2009

We close these interviews with the bands to attend the KANYA!!! 2009 fest with NECRONOMICON, 25 years of music.

Is your first time in KANYA?

Hi Jesus, this is Freddy and at first. Thanxx for your interest in germany`s thrash cult Necronomicon.

Yes it`s our first time to play there and we `ll be absolutely anxious to know what`s going on there. We are so hot to play there.

¿Did you play before in Spain? ¿And Barcelona?

Yes, in Madrid since two weeks ago for our Release. It was amazing, but in Barcelona unfortunately not.

¿How do you remember the public here?

A totally enthusiasm crowd of metal maniacs. Rarely I saw guys moshing around like this. Fantastic

¿What's the current lineup of the band?

Me on vocals and guitar, Axel on drums, Andi G. on guitar and Andi N. on bass

¿How much time did you work with the current lineup?

Not so long ago, cause our official bass player (Alex) is in Brasil since our Russian Tour in autumm. So Andi N. is playing the european gigs for the next 3 month till Alex is comming back.

Then Andi N. is working with us for an unplugged album and is taking my part on guitar for the live gigs. So for me it`s easier to concentrate on my voice parts.

¿What have been your recent activities? ¿Concerts? ¿Records?

Now our new produktion „Revenge of the beast“ is out since December the 15th ,.Worldwide.
And so we`re gonna to release the stuff alive all over the world. Especially in Europe.

¿Are you going to present some new songs at KANYA!!!?

Yes, in Kanya we have a package of some old stuff from our first album, some songs of the „Construction of evil“ album and some new songs from „Revenge of the beast

¿How do you define your sound?

At first: Authentic. This stuff is not a klone work of some major bands like metallica or slayer, this stuff is really NECRONOMICON. Powerful, rectilinear, a fist in your face, with some fine melodic parts. It`s our own handwriting.

¿What are you influences? ¿What do you like to ear?

Influences. A good question. We like the 80`s. Absolutely. Punk, Thrash, Rock. I don`t want to copy someone, I told you this, but if you listen this stuff day by day, it`s a normal process to sound in any parts, in any way like the good old one heroes. :-))

¿What's the preferred leit motiv of your lyrics?

In this respect we are influenced by our own history. The Punk period. Political occurrences, war crimes, and the high-explosive events in our rotten and sickness world

¿What are your project for the current year?

To stay alive all over the world and don`t to loose our aim. Possessed by thrash

¿How do you see the metal scene in Spain? ¿In Europe?

Well, I told you we played in Madrid. And I told you this was amazing. And I hope this is vicarios for the whole Spanish Metal scene. No I`m sure!!!!!! We love Spain, really. The people there havn`t had a big head. Really sympathic. And the girls are wonderful and so beauty, really :-))

Germany is o.k., bit a little too cool, but very important for the whole metal scene all over the world. And the rest? The Eastern of Europe is fantastic, too and the rest we`ll see the next times, what`s going on on the thrash metal scene.

¿Some advice for the people who starts building their bans?

Patience, patience and patience again. And to find your own style of music.

Do you like to say something more to our readers?

Thank you so much for your support. We hope we can realise your expectation in us, especially in Spain, our new home. And: be save, be happy and don`t let anybody afraid you of everything.

We plan to put some video in the post we are preparing about you ¿Do you have some advice?

Yes, the „terrorist attack“ video of the „Construcvtion of evil“ album . You can download it from our myspace site or our homepage. www.necronomicon.eu

Thanks for your time. See you at KANYA!!!

Thank you so much Jesus. See you in Kanya

Terrorist attack
Terrorist Attack

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