sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

AC DC y los birds

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According to Austrian Times, animal-rights activists claim they will take legal action if AC/DC's May 22, 1010 concert at Wels airport in Austria goes ahead because it will threaten colonies of nesting rare birds in the area.

Hans Uhl of NGO BirdLife said: "The second-biggest colony of curlews in Upper Austria and various other ground-nesting birds must not become endangered by organizers’ plans."

Uhl, who is trying to convince officials to reschedule the concert, said the gig — which will be attended by around 80,000 people — will cause a "disaster" among the breeding colonies which flock to the area each spring.

Animal-rights campaigners said the concert could take place anytime from mid-June as it would no longer be a threat to the birds.

Read the entire report from the Austrian Times.

La noticia, en castellano, en El Mundo y en Libertad Digital. Idéntica. Je.

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