sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

"Anyplace is paradise" (3 x 1)

I've had a look at the new Hank C Burnette youtube channel video. It's ...
"Anyplace Is Paradise" in a TOTALLY different arrangement! I've always thought of this song as a ballad, instead of the quite awkward (at least to my ears)) up-tempo version of the original. I simply can't get away from the fact that I think the very beautiful lyrics initially was meant to be arranged as a ballad, but that's my own personal opinion, of course.

And if you by any chance think that it sounds like I've filled my cramped studio space with a female choir I have to disappoint you. It's Roland's cheapest S-10 sampler handling the choir bit (sssh, don't spread the word!!), to every diehard rock'n roll fanatics disgrace, I'd imagine?

Oh well, ya gotta be a bid adventurious sometime, even if it hurts, lol! I promise to upload a rocker as my next 'noise polution projectt', he, he!

And I've searched the Elvis one, of course, to put them togheter here. I've found a nice photo tribute to him and also a third one from a colombian guy called Marco. I hope you will enjoy the mix.

Addition: There's also a karaoke video from KingCreole1962 at the end of the post. ¿Would you try?

Hank C Burnette

Elvis Presley



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