lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

Wild Thing

Seguimos revisando la lista de los mejores riffs. Hoy saltamos al puesto 30 para traer Wild Thing, uno de los temas más versioneados e interpretados de la historia.Following our series about the best riffs today we jumo to the 30th position to talk aboout Wild Thing, one of the most played and covered pieces.

La historia (A short history)

Wild Thing fue escrita por Chip Taylor y grabada originalmente por Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones; pero no sería hasta su grabación por The Troggs que se convertiría en un éxito que no ha dejado de rodar.Wild Thing was written by the songwritter Chip Taylor and originally recorded by Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones; but was with the cover made by The Troggs it became a real success that has grown time by time.
When Chip Taylor originally demoed this basic three-chord song in 1965, he didn't take it too seriously. He later told Rolling Stone magazine: "I was on the floor laughing when I was through." Taylor added in Mojo magazine September 2008: "'Wild Thing' came out in a matter of minutes. The pauses and the hesitations are a result of not knowing what I was going to do next." (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 4)

El video

This time we will spend the complete post showing a samll part of the existing covers of this song. You can go through the links to get te tabs ans more funny information.En esta ocasión vamos a dedicar la entrada a mostraros diferentes versiones de este tema. Podéis usar los enlaces para conseguir tablaturas o para obtener más información curiosa sobre ella.

1/14) The original 60's by The Troggs

2/14) The Troggs live Basildon 2005

3/14) The mythic Jimi Hendrix burns his guitar at Monterrey after playing it

4/14) Captain Sensible from The Damned in a "special" fashion

5/14) The great Jeff Beck

6/14) A different one with R.E.M.

7/14) Suzie Quatro & Reg Presley performing a very rare version of 'Wild Thing' from 1986

8/14) Also Sammy Hagar & Ted Nugent

9/14) Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Sam Kinison, Billy Squier Live @ Giants Stadium, NJ 6-11-89

10/14) And Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Sam Kinison, Bon Jovi, Slash, Steven Adler, Ratt, Billy Idol, Jessica Hahn

11/14) Steven Segal (!!!)

12/14) X

13/14) Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez

and 14) Rick "The Wild Thing" Vaughn

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