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Guille Olivares (ex Human Factor)

El 24 de agosto nos enteramos vía Stoneresk en su Religión del Rock Pesado de la presentación oficial hoy del disco de Guille Olivares. Y nos dijimos "pues habrá que saludarlo" y eso hacemos aquí.

De La Religión del Rock Pesado
Guille Olivares, ex guitarrista de Human Factor (con anterioridad a la exquisita Sole Genúa) armó su propia banda con íconos reconocíbles de la escena metalera chilena, entre los que figuran el vocalista de Inquisición, Paulo Domic, el bajista de Human Factor, Cristián Rozas, además de dos miembros de Delta: Andrés Rojas y Nicolás Quinteros, en batera y teclados respectivamente.
Un equilibrio entre metal melódico, power metal y arreglos instrumentales sofisticados es lo que ofrece el álbum debut de Olivares: Turn The Page, el cual se puede escuchar COMPLETO desde su sitio en MySpace.
El lanzamiento oficial del disco será el día 26 de septiembre en el House Rock & Blues de Ñuñoa, mismo día en que la banda de Olivares se estará presentando con Delta.

Un poco de historia

Del MySpace de Guille Olivares
Guille Olivares pronunciation, ghee-yeh was born in Santiago,Chile,on July 22nd ,1977. Soon he would show interest in music, not long after that he would be composing his own music.

His love for rock was influenced by bands like Europe, Bon Jovi,Van Halen and many other bands from the 80..s. His interest for metal music was caused by bands like Metallica & Pantera. But, his true inspiration came from Yngwie Malmsteen, which drove him to write his own songs.

By 1999 he recorded his first demo with Paulo Domic, which acted out as the singer/bass player. Later on, Guille became part of a chilean metal band "Witchblade". On 2001 he toured with that band and opened for a famous brazilian band "ANGRA", then in 2002 he formed his own band "Human Factor" with some members of witchblade.

In 2004 Human factor released the album "Unleashed" and they toured all over Chile and opened for bands like "mago de oz","seven angels","Criminal" and "after forever" , this album was launched worlwide by belgium label "Mausoleum Records" and in Japan by "Soundholic Records" In in 2006 Human factor released the album "Behind the dark" , which also ended up with touring Chile and opening for bands like "Helloween","Gamma Ray" and "Angra".

On September 2008 the band split up and Guille felt it was the perfect moment to begin a solo career. So, on October of 2008 he started writing new songs and got in touch with Nicolas Quinteros, keyboard player of "Delta",which acted out as co-producer and sound engineer, together they started to work with the new material of Guille. All songs where written by Guille, the album was musically complete on December 2008, meaning that drums, keys arrangements, bass, rythyms, solos and vocal melodies were done!.

By January 2009 the recordings started at Nicolas Quinteros studios and by Febrary all the instruments where all ready recorded. So he contacted Paulo and proposed him to be the singer of this project. Paulo wrote the lyrics and on April 2009 the vocal recordings started. The album was finished On May 2009.He's a perfectionist who spends hours in the studio, for which he is prepared for any future challenges. Guille's album "Turn the Page" will be available soon!!!!
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